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Workshops, Keynotes, or Lunch and Learns aligned to your organization’s most pressing needs.

Awakening Your Optimal Workforce

Mark Hattas delivers a rich experiential talk (or workshop) based on the principles shared in his latest book, Awakening Your Optimal Workforce, engaging your team to rise up into their best selves and learn tools to stay there day after day. Take your team to the next level by releasing what is in the way of greatness being realized and your vision achieved. Talks are customized for your needs.

Example outcomes (focus will be based on your goals)

  • Be at your BEST more easily
  • Accelerate rhythms of success
  • Dismantle unhealthy patterns
  • Address fears with confidence
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Elevate Creativity
  • More readily access “gut”/intuitive senses
  • Increase emotional resilience and mastery
  • Improve relationships
  • Fuel momentum
  • Detach from the past dictating your future
  • Move to action quicker
  • Increase engagement
  • Experience more fun
  • Activate your inner “GPS” for optimal outcomes
  • Equip team with mental hygiene model that works
  • Understand and identify the 10 elements of effectiveness and well-being in your life.
  • Ignite greatness in your team

This keynote can be a 2 to 4-hour workshop.


Restored Emotional and Mental Well-Being

The path Mark took to heal from a mental illness following the successful sale of his company is an inspirational story worth hearing. Mark leaves audiences with hope, wisdom, and excitement to address areas in their lives keeping them from living their best lives (at home and work). Those struggling are filled with courage. People are moved to compassion for themselves and others. They are moved to act on addressing issues in their Personal Code, often hidden in plain sight.

Examples of outcomes from participants:

  • Changed Perceptions
  • Infused with Hope
  • AWE
  • Authenticity
  • Curious and inquisitive
  • Willingness to pursue new approaches
  • Hunger to take action
  • Surrender to change what isn’t working
  • Change of behaviors
  • Desire to change and pathways forward
  • Openness
  • Vulnerability
  • Patience

This keynote can be a 4-hour workshop. Keynotes can be any size audience. Workshops larger than 20 participants require an additional resource(s) (supplied by Mark) for support.


Group Coaching Workshop for Leaders and their Teams

Mark Hattas and Rex Montague-Bauer have mastery level skills supporting groups in rapidly shifting unsolvable issues to resolution.

Beginning with a framework of opportunity to expand people’s perceptions on what is possible with a heartwarming and transformational story, participants open to rapid transformation of perceptions, realities and outcomes once out of reach.

Examples of topics to consider:

  • Accelerate goal realization
  • Alignment of teams
  • Repairing relationships
  • Unsticking money issues (flow, investment, revenue, profit, etc…)
  • Healing rifts in relationships
  • Finding clarity
  • Moving forward
  • Letting go of past issues resurfacing


Mark was very engaging and delivered his content with great energy. He inspired our members, and the feedback we received with nothing short of positive and impactful. Attendees commented on the relevance of his tangible practices on their lives..

September DorhmannCEO of CEO Space International

Mark is one of the most authentic, anointed people I have EVER met! Should you return to wherever it is you are originating from having met this wonderful man...you truly will have (and will continue to be) immensely blessed...

Loren Micheals Harris