Assess Your Personal Code

Why Assess Your Personal Code?

Realigning your Personal Code is key to achieving your optimal state and true potential. A refined Personal Code facilitates happiness, peak performance, and well-being. Misalignments lead to negative/destructive patterns. Identifying and adjusting these elements transforms challenges into strengths and dissolves undesirable patterns.

What is the Personal Code?

Your Personal Code is comprised of ten interconnected elements impacting your effectiveness and well-being. Each element can be a strength or a challenge, shaping how you react or respond under various stress levels. Your Personal Code automatically influences your perceptions, decisions, and behaviors without your conscious awareness.

How to Assess Your Personal Code?

Embark on a transformative journey with the Optimal Being Personal Assessment. With this assessment, you will reveal which of the ten elements are beneficial or detrimental. Perfect for individuals and teams.

Results: You will receive a written report, four explainer videos and targeted training videos addressing your specific challenge areas, plus a live review session for personalized guidance.

If sponsored by your company, have your unique ID ready

Watch: 3-minute Personal Code orientation.

History: The Optimal Being Personal Assessment originated from the Personal Code Evaluation (PCE), created by Drs. Dan MacDougald and Michael Ryce in the 1980s. It has empowered countless participants to upgrade their Personal Codes and live their best lives.


Explore the 10 elements of effectiveness and well-being assessed in the Optimal Being Assessment. This is geared toward leaders and organizations and provides a nice orientation to the 10 elements.

Stress Management
Relationship with Others
Relationship with Self
Relationship with Truth
Freedom from Fear
Freedom from Anger & Hostility
Universal Laws of Living
Health & Vitality (Nutrition/Digestion)
Use of Will