“Your optimal life is awaiting you.”


– Rex Montague-Bauer, Co-Founder.

The Optimal Being® Program is a Launch Pad Toward Personal Growth.

Enhanced Intuitive Guidance

Activate and trust your intuitive guidance system to consistently serve you in reaching your highest and best outcomes.

A Healthy Personal Code

Required for a healthy body and mind, and optimal perceptions, decisions and behavior. Know what yours is and how to adjust it. Based on 50+ years of success.

Living Your Optimal Life

Your optimal life will come as you practice the principles of the Optimal Being® program. What does that look like?


“I feel like I have the tools to be happy for the duration of my life.”

– Wade

By practicing and living the program principles, you will experience PeaceMental ClarityEmotional WillingnessEmotional IntelligenceBeing In-Tune with what is Optimal NowLiving in the Present MomentLiving in Alignment with Who You Truly AreHappinessIncreased VitalitySpiritual Intelligence (SQ)Clear & Loving Thoughts Words & Actions Towards Self and OthersConfidenceDecisiveness / KnowingHonesty with Yourself and OthersMinimized StressOptimized Performance across all Areas of Your LifeCourageConsistent Follow-ThroughFreedom from Fear and HostilityHealthier Personal & Business Relationships



Nine Modules Comprised of 21 Lessons with Foundation Reading Assignments

With the Optimal Being® program you can expect to activate the very best of you, and do it on your own schedule.

You will experience the core teachings of this course in a highly engaging, multimedia, online, self-instructional experience! This course has been developed and proven effective over 4 years (10,000 hours). It brings to life concepts, principles, and tools that, when applied, activate your internal guidance system to reinforce you consistently living as the very best version of yourself! This course is easy to navigate and keeps track of your progress.

39 Interactive Instructional Videos

These instructional videos will become a key resource in your transformational journey! Our Optimal Being Program Facilitators Mark Hattas, Rex Montague-Bauer, and Dr. Paul Repicky share their decades of expertise and insights.

Through these videos, you will find yourself immersed in the material. You will actively participate and learn practical tools that will help you start living as an optimal being. For example, some exercises will help you immediately reduce stress, while others may guide you to experience deeper sensations of love and joy.

Interactive e-Playbook

This Interactive e-Playbook is all about you! Throughout the program, you will complete exercises that will reveal profound, personal insights. The playbook follows along with each video lesson and provides spaces to enter your responses, notes, aha moments, and more!

This will be the perfect resource to enhance your learning of the concepts and principles in this program.

Powerful Pre & Post-Program Optimal Being Personal Assessments

The Personal Assessment is profound, exciting, and personally revealing.

The purpose of the Personal Assessment is to uncover any Realities based in fear or hostility that exist in your Evidential Mind, which inhibit your natural ability to be in Alignment with and to function from your Optimal Being. It will also reinforce your strengths where you are Aligned.

Its efficacy has been proven through over 40 years of successful application.  In the course, you will learn the appropriate tools and exercises in order to remove or change these Realities to strengthen your Alignment.

Live Group Review Sessions of the Optimal Being Assessments

Engage live with your peers and the program facilitators to understand the Personal Assessment and the meaning and value of your personal code.  By participating in these intimate Group Review sessions you will develop a deeper comprehension and clarity while accelerating the resolution of your challenges.  Also, you will be inspired by the mutually shared insights and personal “aha” moments!

BONUS: The Listening Program for 60 Days

The Listening Program® (TLP) by Advanced Brain Technologies is a music listening method, personalized just for you to improve your brain health, at any age or level of ability. It’s much more than music, it’s music that works; to improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

Using the highest audio quality recording technology (High Definition Sound) and advanced neuroacoustic techniques, TLP music is acoustically modified to train your brain, strengthening neurological pathways to improve your ability to learn, communicate, and process information.