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Rookha Group coaching has been touted as
“exceptional,” “life-changing,” “transformative,” “incredible,”
“the top 1% of coaching available”. 



The tools our Coaches use have a rich history of working for people

...and the outcomes are consistent and repeatable.

Our Coaches have honed their skills

...over thousands of hours training, practicing, and coaching. The results have been remarkable.

Each Coach is certified well beyond the core Optimal Being principles and resources

...and brings those tools to you as you need them.

Your Coach's primary responsibility: Consistently see the highest and best in you

...which supports you experiencing that in yourself.

Your gifts and talents will expand as you work with your Coach.

...and some incredible experiences will happen along the way.

You can discuss any topic with your Coach:

relationships, work, money, faith, addictions, struggles, successes, opportunities, etc. The tools work on everything!

You can expect the unexpected and it will be AWESOME

As you progress with your coaching, you too will witness the unprecedented acceleration of greatness shining through you and your teams.

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Mark Hattas (bio)

A few reasons people schedule:

  • Occasional sessions
    • Issue Management or Opportunity Pursuit.
    • Skill Development
    • Interrupting disruptive patterns
    • Emotional Resiliency
    • Returning to Peak Performance
    • Accessing new ideas, expanding a vision, creativity
  • Ongoing sessions – Weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly coaching are common scheduling rhythms for people desiring to maintain peak performance consistently.
  • “Game Ready” – 15-minute intention setting and visualization exercise supporting you being ON and at YOUR Best when you need it most. Use this for yourself and your team(s) before key meetings, events, interactions, sales calls, presentations, and whenever peak performance for delivery is essential. Pro athletes, actors, executives, Army Rangers, and Navy Seals have used the Game Ready for years with phenomenal results!
  • Optimal Being coaching. In conjunction with the Optimal Being program, individual coaching can support participants in getting their needs met.

What is it like working with Mark?

We have worked with many coaches over our lives and there is no one like Mark. He's helped me, Emilio and many close friends in ways that are indescribable. Everyone comes back with INCREDIBLE results.

Rachele Brooke SmithActress, Producer, Entrepreneur

Mark brings LEADERS the toolBOX to gain new perspective in execution with balance, prediction, and control. Mark's work is worth $100,000 a session at market rates.

Berny DorhmanFounder, CEO Space International

Mark, in just two sessions, helped me more than the previous ten years of (coaching type) work that I've done.

Kim MartinHuman Behavior and Emotional Health

Working with Mark has led to a long-lasting and transformative impact that went way beyond my expectations. It's been incredible and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Marina PerlaCEO and Founder, Mojo Trek

My work with Mark has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life; especially impacting my leadership.

Jerry Weber, PhDPresident, Bellevue College
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